Contents of Contentment

A lot of times we list being content as being financially comfortable, or without challenges in life. And we spend so much time and do so many things trying to achieve this state of being. It is said to be the highest most profound moment of being where everything is just perfect!!! Sometimes, a rare … Continue reading Contents of Contentment


The gods adore her, adorned her with beauty Man sees her, ceases the opportunity Woman envies her, envisions her sways theirs I love her, move the heaven and earth for her. She was never made to be like all Harsh to the world she seems Sweet and tender she is inside Not fazed by the … Continue reading Adorned

Love will be forgotten

A year’s gone past today It’s still as vivid as exactly this day last year A lot has happened, I have healed, I haven’t forgotten I remember the pain with every man that tells me I love you I pray I forget of its existence Every look in the mirror I see it all over again … Continue reading Love will be forgotten