I have been labelled as vain, self-centred, in love with myself etc. Maybe I am, don't blame me, I was born so, and my uncle knew it, before I could even speak, that I will be me, love me, talk about me, embrace me, against all odds. and he named me Nomna, No-Mna, Me, myself … Continue reading MeMeMe

“I don’t love you anymore”

The Moon is full todayAnd it's in Scorpio!Truths onlyI dared into my private blog roll and discovered ramblings of interesting read including this story, which I have kept in my treasure chest called WordPress for 8 years!Today we air the chest and clear the air!For we now know better, we are more confident, and we … Continue reading “I don’t love you anymore”

Cravings… of a different kind

Cravings Let’s talk about cravings. Women have been known to have the weirdest of cravings!! Its starts with PMS, just before that time of the month you find yourself craving all sorts of food you don’t normally think about during the month. When you fall pregnant, one of the first indicators and changes that a … Continue reading Cravings… of a different kind

Can we be friends?

First blog Well, this is meant to be more of an online journal where i get to express my thoughts, post all the things that make me tick and itsy bitsies that make life interesting. The idea of a blog was born when i was madly inlove with a certain somebody.Iit was just that, an … Continue reading Can we be friends?