Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

"I'm Doneā€¦" Undervaluing myselfDoubting myselfFeeling inadequateSeeking other's approvalBeing apologetic about who I amTrying to pleaseBeing too kind even when being taken advantage of.Nomna, Dec 2016 Today I had to remind myself the lessons I learnt in therapy and my "I'm Done... list" that followed this learning affirmation. But then again, context is everything. I have … Continue reading Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

The Other Day,

I decided to stop living my life a paycheck away from being broke still thinking that all is well. I decided to be bold and be broke if that is my reality. I decided to live the way I please, if I am broke anyway I have nothing to lose. Yet I have so much … Continue reading The Other Day,

Corporate Laden

The heading or topic was written 3 months ago or so. Days and nights and mealtimes and playtimes and drinking times were filled with work. If they ever existed at all. Tons of work, endless visits to anyone who can shed a light to what seemed like the most exciting mountain to climb yet taking … Continue reading Corporate Laden

My BBBEE status

I have discovered that the minute a man says they are self-employed; they instantly lose credibility to me. The first thing that rings in mind is that they are not stable financially, and could potentially be a burden. Unlike me and my employed fellows, most times they are never sure of when they will be … Continue reading My BBBEE status