Heritage is my blood

On Heritage Day, 24 September 2018 I added a story to what was originally an Instagram image posted the day before my mother departed her earthly life in January 2017. The Instagram post was my way of commemorating the moment I was making peace with God because I knew that He is taking her angel … Continue reading Heritage is my blood

Contents of Contentment

A lot of times we list being content as being financially comfortable, or without challenges in life. And we spend so much time and do so many things trying to achieve this state of being. It is said to be the highest most profound moment of being where everything is just perfect!!! Sometimes, a rare … Continue reading Contents of Contentment


Step-up A mantra I chant to myself every morning, day, evening and night. Step up to being a good mom, achieve your career goals, buy that house, pay off those debts, go to that girls’ night out, go home to be with family, go to that festival even if you’re alone. Step up and be … Continue reading Step-up


Please... Do not let me fall for you Do not creep into my heart Let's not get into the complicated stuff Can't we just have fun and leave it at that? My heart is recouping And you're doing a great job at curing it Let me not fall for you I dont know if you'll … Continue reading Rebound

“I don’t love you anymore”

The Moon is full todayAnd it's in Scorpio!Truths onlyI dared into my private blog roll and discovered ramblings of interesting read including this story, which I have kept in my treasure chest called WordPress for 8 years!Today we air the chest and clear the air!For we now know better, we are more confident, and we … Continue reading “I don’t love you anymore”