Nomna Academy… Say WHAT?

Four months ago I signed for an "UNLEASH my GENIUS" program with Lauren Dallas. I was skeptical, not sure what this genius I am signing up to unleash looks like. I didn't know what would come out of it. I just felt an urge to do it and had the money to pay for it. … Continue reading Nomna Academy… Say WHAT?

Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

"I'm Done…" Undervaluing myselfDoubting myselfFeeling inadequateSeeking other's approvalBeing apologetic about who I amTrying to pleaseBeing too kind even when being taken advantage of.Nomna, Dec 2016 Today I had to remind myself the lessons I learnt in therapy and my "I'm Done... list" that followed this learning affirmation. But then again, context is everything. I have … Continue reading Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

Black Tax

Some say it's black tax. I call it Voluntary Social Investment  (VSI). I call it an investment into the future of black child. Into my own blood that runs through my veins. The same blood that contributed into making me who I am. The same blood that made my wildest dreams come true. Why is … Continue reading Black Tax

My Investment

I choose to invest in my society. In this era of investing, the craze about share trading, financial wealth literacy etc. that has taken over the landscape, I realise how risk averse I am. Yes, risk is my middle name. I risk it all, all the time. But not this time. It is worrying me … Continue reading My Investment

Once upon a time

Once upon a time There was black and white Two distinct colours Two distinct lines Black this side White the other side Black was black, true to the core White alike, Then there was a movement They called it the rainbow New spectrum aglow Black Zulu, Xhosa South African Congolese White English German Lebanese Did … Continue reading Once upon a time


The gods adore her, adorned her with beauty Man sees her, ceases the opportunity Woman envies her, envisions her sways theirs I love her, move the heaven and earth for her. She was never made to be like all Harsh to the world she seems Sweet and tender she is inside Not fazed by the … Continue reading Adorned

To my son

If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or … Continue reading To my son

The Nelson Mandela Bridge at night!!!!

Photo credit: © Sandisile Tshuma 2012 I have seen it, and I stumbled into this pic in one of the blogs I read now and again. And I really had to repost it. Jozi people, there is an iconic bridge, just as fabulous as the icon its been named after. you will find it when … Continue reading The Nelson Mandela Bridge at night!!!!

THEE Mini Country”Wo”Man Moment

Everyone that has conversations with me for more than 30 minutes eventually gets to know about that dream car of mine. Yes, the Mini CountryMan. It was love at first sight, upon stumbling into a pic purely out of utter coincidence. im not car crazy, have never been, so I never even bother with car … Continue reading THEE Mini Country”Wo”Man Moment

Love will be forgotten

A year’s gone past today It’s still as vivid as exactly this day last year A lot has happened, I have healed, I haven’t forgotten I remember the pain with every man that tells me I love you I pray I forget of its existence Every look in the mirror I see it all over again … Continue reading Love will be forgotten

Chronicles of a super tall woman

I like him, he's cool. I wanna talk to him, pick his mind, talk about life. if only he can come closer, say hi, give me an awkward "strangers" hug. Poor guy eventually catches on and walks over then oh-ooh, I can see the top of his head!!!! Where are all the tall men out there? I wanna cuddle … Continue reading Chronicles of a super tall woman


Step-up A mantra I chant to myself every morning, day, evening and night. Step up to being a good mom, achieve your career goals, buy that house, pay off those debts, go to that girls’ night out, go home to be with family, go to that festival even if you’re alone. Step up and be … Continue reading Step-up

My BBBEE status

I have discovered that the minute a man says they are self-employed; they instantly lose credibility to me. The first thing that rings in mind is that they are not stable financially, and could potentially be a burden. Unlike me and my employed fellows, most times they are never sure of when they will be … Continue reading My BBBEE status

The lowdown on ‘HAIR’piness

Morning blog I’m home on a Thursday evening watching my favourite TV program, America’s Next Top Model, one of the few that can make me turn down a night out in town with girlfriends, there are very few of those because I’m not a TV person, more of a pen and paper book crazy. And … Continue reading The lowdown on ‘HAIR’piness

I do, or do I?? the single 30 something dilemma

## 1 How likely is it that when one says they just want time to be with themselves and nurture that and not get into a relationship, ever just about that? And it’s not the fact that we might just be trying to find a way to cope with being on our own and maximise … Continue reading I do, or do I?? the single 30 something dilemma

“I don’t love you anymore”

The Moon is full todayAnd it's in Scorpio!Truths onlyI dared into my private blog roll and discovered ramblings of interesting read including this story, which I have kept in my treasure chest called WordPress for 8 years!Today we air the chest and clear the air!For we now know better, we are more confident, and we … Continue reading “I don’t love you anymore”

Cravings… of a different kind

Cravings Let’s talk about cravings. Women have been known to have the weirdest of cravings!! Its starts with PMS, just before that time of the month you find yourself craving all sorts of food you don’t normally think about during the month. When you fall pregnant, one of the first indicators and changes that a … Continue reading Cravings… of a different kind