Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

“I’m Done…”

Undervaluing myself

Doubting myself

Feeling inadequate

Seeking other’s approval

Being apologetic about who I am

Trying to please

Being too kind even when being taken advantage of.

Nomna, Dec 2016

Today I had to remind myself the lessons I learnt in therapy and my “I’m Done… list” that followed this learning affirmation.

But then again, context is everything.

I have spent the last three months working on my best body of work to date. Yet the most crucial step, reaching out to my ideal audience in order to validate my offer, has been the most difficult one to complete.

This has hampered my progress in more ways than one. I am super glad I listened to the inner self and didn’t rush into it just because I had to complete it and move on with the work at hand.

As I read my “I’m done…” list today, I realise why I find it difficult reaching out to validate my offer…

Once upon a time I had to learn these important lessons of valuing myself, but what I am learning today is that context is everything.

Yes, I may have continued doing my own thing without seeking approval nor validation from anyone. Yes, it has cost me serious money here and there missing out on first hand information on the type of solutions people are in need of. Sometimes missing the point completely.

So, some un-learning, and re-learning had to take place…

Now I recognise that

  1. to engage my audience and validate my offer does not spell that I doubt myself, nor seeking others’ approval. It simply allows me to be relevant to those I seek to help through my solutions. THAT IS A GOOD THING.
  2. engaging my audience to validate my offer is not about trying to please them, it is about ensuring that my solution is fit for purpose. THAT IS A GOOD THING TOO.
  3. if I really value myself, have self-confidence in my unique divine purpose and in my passion projects, there is no need to worry about what people will say, or feel like I am inadequate or not qualified enough to take this next step in my entrepreneurial journey. CHERRY ON TOP!

So Nomna, Go on, have those conversations with your audience, send that survey out and do run those insightful focus groups, podcasts, videos, interviews and webinars.


You are Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi, and your true calling on this planet is to help people navigate through desired and unforeseen change in their lives.

Now you are busy cracking your skull trying to pre-determine their needs on their behalf, why don’t you go on and ASK THEM?


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