Heritage is my blood

On Heritage Day, 24 September 2018 I added a story to what was originally an Instagram image posted the day before my mother departed her earthly life in January 2017.

The Instagram post was my way of commemorating the moment I was making peace with God because I knew that He is taking her angel back to spirit world.

Today it lands on my timeline again,

And what is says to me is,

“Ncum, baby, Mama is saying hello from the other side. For I have never left you. Yes I am resting, watching over you and giggling at finally being able to see you first hand live your life to the fullest.

Always remember that dreams come true, never stop dreaming, and the only way to manifest LOVE is to be true to yourself, even when it is easier to be someone you are not.” – Mom.

I write today in memory of the Batlokoa Princess, Ntsebeng, Lily, Nomzi, Sebi, ‘N’; who in my eyes exemplifies true dedication to living a life of purpose.

I will always look up to you, Mama, your best and your worst.

Not because I want to emulate you and how you lived, but because I want to remember that it is possible to live a life of purpose and passion. I know this through you.

Loving you forever and always,


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